You can easily change and show double sides of your images with new generation rotary advertising signboard. It is indispensable product in shopping streets with 360 degree rotary property, effective message presentation, actual innovative feature. This product makes your exterior facade advertising always actual.

AYS package includes, 58*58 cm PVC foam for advertising image, immobilizing piece to wall, flag pole, 4 pieces pegs and screws. It is suitable to use all exterior facade areas like wall, marble, concrete, composite covered areas.

AYS innovative advertising signboard; wide using areas, easy montage, practical image changing, stylish design, %100 domestic and our product which is the first in Turkey.

360 degree visible

Innovative advertising signboard with double side printing, 360 degree rotary feature!

Actual and Innovative

Innovative, new generation advertising signboard, stylish design, effective advertising and useful product.

Easy Montage

It can be montange easily thanks to montange pieces and ergonomic design.

New Favorite of Shopping Streets

Effective facade advertisings which conquer shopping streets!

Effective Advertising

Low cost, high productivity, remarkable advertising.

First and single in Turkey!

Patented, Completed domestic. It is a matchless product in Turkey!


Exterior Facade Rotary Advertising Signboard

  • Exterior Facade Rotary Advertising Signboard
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